The Camping Village I tre moschettieri has a pool for adults (25x9 meters, depth 1.80 meters) and one for children (9x9 depth 0.85 meters).
Admission with fee.


It is compulsory to observe the campsite’s rules. The non-observance will allow the management to dismiss the guest as unwanted.

Solarium Swimming Pool

  • To access the pool the daily ticket or season card is required
  • The lifeguard has the job to ensure the safety of the guests. After the first call in case of dangerous or inappropriate behaviors, the lifeguard is authorized to send away the transgressors from the pool, providing also the withdrawal of the pass and informing the management
  • The use of a cap is compulsory
  • It is mandatory to take a shower before entering the pool
  • It is prohibited to run and jump by the edges
  • It is prohibited to take animals (dogs, cats, etc..)
  • It is prohibited to take balls/footballs on all the entire area of the pool
  • Kids under 12 years of age are allowed but only if accompanied by an adult.
  • The use of sandals/slippers in the entire area of the pool is compulsory.
  • The use of a swimming suit in the pool is compulsory for all kids. In case of small children the use of restraining swimming diapers is compulsory.
  • The use of shampoo or detergents in the pool and showers is prohibited.
  • The pool is closed from 1 pm till 3 pm and on Monday morning due to water treatment.

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