Stretching across 23 km of fine, golden sand facing the calm shallow sea, the seven Comacchio beaches are the perfect destination for family holidays, fun breaks, sporting trips, relaxation and well-being for all.


All of the beaches are easy to reach by car or on foot and are ideal locations for children to play during the day, featuring well-equipped playgrounds, games and entertainment; in the evening they play host to beach parties for people in search of good, honest fun.


In this magical place you will be surrounded by the thousand reflections of the sea,uncontaminated natural oases, centres of art to discover by boat, by bike, on foot or on horseback, and places to stop and taste the many specialities of the region,including those featuring the world-famous Comacchio eel.


Each Lido has large beaches surrounded by green spaces and lots of places to havefun, but each one is slightly different from the others, ensuring that there is one suitablefor every personality. Together with Porto Garibaldi, which is an important fishing and touristic port and a seaside town, Lido di Volano, Lido delle Nazioni, Lido Pomposa and Lido degli Scacchi are located in the north, while Lido degli Estensi and Lido di Spina are located in the South.


Porto Garibaldi was born on the north side of the harbor and is the oldest settlement of the Lidi di Comacchio. The original name of the town was Porto di Magnavacca (in the local dialect), then the town was named after Giuseppe Garibaldi to commemorate the area where the Risorgimento hero landed in 1849.


The Capanno di Garibaldi Street on which the Camping Village I Tre Moschettieri is settled takes its name from the place where Giuseppe Garibaldi found refuge during his escape from the Austrian ships. Porto Garibaldi is characterized by low buildings that maintain the look of a fishing village along the waterway that connects Comacchio to the sea. To this day the boats unload fresh fish, to be enjoyed later in many popular restaurants.


From Porto Canale you can catch tourist ships that make trips in the Park of the Po Delta, and boats equipped for fishing. Fish, together with tourism, is the primary source of Porto Garibaldi, and it is the main ingredient of the best recipes. Guests can taste them in rustic taverns or fine fish restaurants overlooking the sea.